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  • Titan Phone Booth Beacon Project Criticized in NYC, 10 Oct 2014

    If you’re an event planner who hasn’t heard about iBeacon technology, it’s time you learned a bit about it. Gaining popularity this year, this technology allows bluetooth-enabled phones to pick up signals from nearby beacons. I’m sure the easiest way to think about this is in event terms.

  • Simplifying Content Management for Events, 02 Oct 2013

      More often than not, events are associated with content distribution.  At these types of events, the speakers provide the content and these speakers run their…

  • Delivering Innovation to the Event Industry, 11 Jun 2013

    Kevin White is leading a workshop titled “How to Think Like Google, Disney, and Other Innovative Brands” at BizBash IdeaFest Los Angeles on June 19 at…