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  • Small Great Steps: Driving Change for Women in the Events Industry and Beyond, 03 Aug 2017

    As the executive director of WINiT, a non-profit that provides career development programs and services for women, I spend a good amount of time reading about…

  • The Power of Advocate Marketing, 05 Nov 2015

    This post was written by our partners at InGo, the advocate marketing platform When you are coming up with the promotion plan for you event, where do…

  • I Challenge You to be a Brand Advocate, 18 Feb 2014

    It’s often second nature to each and every one of us: we find something cool online and instinctively share it. Whether you know it or not, by doing this you are a brand advocate. Whether you share a blog, brand promotion, or just a cool item, you are acting as a brand advocate for the company or individual that produced it.