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Back to Basics: Implementing Event Branding

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Whether you’re planning a new event or gearing up for another year of a long-standing one, branding is important to your event’s success. From selecting signature colors and designing logos, to brainstorming key wording and themes to use, each of these elements helps set the tone for your event and makes it stand out. 

And once you’ve created and selected these branding features, there’s still another important part to the process; implementing it across your whole event. You may immediately think about things like signage, onsite programs and business cards, but it’s important to not neglect your digital presence. It’s so much more than slapping your logo on your event website’s homepage!

In order to keep your event branding professional, high-quality and unique to your event’s specific theme and tone, ask yourselves these questions when implementing your event branding across your marketing efforts:

Is the branding consistent across my entire event marketing strategy?
Consistency is the number one factor to making your event appear professional and credible. Everything from your event website and registration pages, to social media pages and marketing emails should match and blend together seamlessly. This is especially important when planning annual events when dates on logos often change and branding elements evolve over time.

Brand consistency also helps build trust and sets expectations for attendees and sponsors alike. Besides setting the tone, it helps create the mindset of a modern and organized event. From researching your event, to typing in their payment information, you don’t want to have attendees (especially new ones) second guess your credibility because something seems off or outdated about your event’s representation online. Sponsors also want their logo and participation in your event associated with professional organization.

Did I create templates with important branding elements?
One of the easiest ways to keep up with consistency is to create templates with your branding elements. That way, no matter who on your team needs to add a new webpage to your website or create a promotional email, your branding is already formatted to your preferences.

Along with increasing that important element of consistency, by creating templates you’re also saving staff valuable time and money, as any important or urgent information that needs to be posted online or sent out via email can be shared in minutes without the concern of it appearing unprofessional. Also, many times these templates as they are (or at least the majority of the content) are reusable and adaptable year after year for annual events. Just update the most current dates and conference location and you’re good to go! 

Does my mobile app match the event branding?
Along with your presence online, remember to make mobile a priority place to showcase your event branding as well. With more attendees utilizing apps throughout their entire event experience, you want to make sure the experience is just as (if not more) seamless as they would perusing your website on a computer. Include logos and colors to make the app easy to find, uniquely yours and make it feel like they’re still inside and experiencing your event without leaving their devices.

To learn more about perfecting your event branding, download our event branding cheat sheet

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