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Find the Best City for Your Next Global Meeting

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Deciding on a city to host a global meeting can be a challenging decision when everyone’s travel preferences differ. From choosing a fine hotel to deciding what city will provide the most savory cuisines, it can be tricky to decide which place is going to satisfy everyone, if not the majority. There’s also seemingly too many places to choose from and trendy or hot locations are constantly changing. According to an article by SmartMeetings titled “World Report: Global Top 15 International Meeting Cities,” some of the current best cities to host global meetings today include Beijing, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Seoul, and Madrid. 

When it comes to finding the best city for your next global meeting, several factors should be taken into consideration, including:

Number of Attendees

Are you having less than 3,000 people attend? More than 10,000? The number of attendees you’re expecting at your event will impact how you decide to choose a location and venue. While smaller cities can create that intimate feel, larger, more modern cities can handle bigger crowds in terms of infrastructure. 

Meal Selections

One of the best ways to keep attendees satisfied is to make sure they are well fed during their stay. The city where you host your global meeting should provide numerous food options that they can choose from.


Although most cities can be jam-packed with people and constant noise, there are some that are more laid-back than others. Decide whether or not your attendees should be in a fast-paced environment, or somewhere more subtle.

Leisure Activities

The best part about hosting an event in a major global city is the variety of entertainment options it provides. Some cities offer activities such as museums, art shows, theaters, and nightlife. Explore these options to help choose which city will give your attendees the best experience during downtime.

Transportation Methods

Perhaps you intend to have an event that’s spread out across a city in multiple buildings and locations, and, therefore, it’s important that your attendees have options to travel by subway, taxi, or on foot. While attendees are out exploring the city, you should consider the different transportation methods that are available.

Find the best city for your event v5Based on the variety of restaurants, entertainment, and more, there’s a city out there that’s best for your next global meeting. Take our quiz to find the best city for your next global meeting based on your unique preferences and needs!

Did you take our quiz to find the best city for your global meeting? What were your results? Share in the comments below!

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