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5 Ways Meetings & Events Make an Impact #GMID17

GMIND2-608x400.pngAs an event management software company, it’s not shocking to hear that at etouches, we take pride in helping to facilitate successful meetings and events all over the world. Not just because our tools help our clients meet their goals and objectives, but because the value meetings and events have is immeasurable. There’s something special about bringing people together to meet face-to-face to network, collaborate and innovate in one common area or industry.

That’s why today we’re proud to commemorate the second annual Global Meetings Industry Day, a global event that aims to demonstrate the measurable impact that meetings have on businesses, economies and communities. Events are happening across the world today, many organized by our partners at PCMA, to bring event professionals together. To celebrate #GMID17, we thought we’d share a list of our top reasons of how face-to-face meetings and events make an impact in those areas.

1. Face-to-face events build strong relationships
Though helpful in communicating on a daily basis, only so much can be done over a phone call, video conference or social media connection. In our eyes, nothing beats the personal relationships made face-to-face to develop new ideas and partnerships.

2. Ideas and innovations are born at events
From taking in a captivating keynote speaker’s presentation to participating in exciting round table discussions, meetings and events are often places where attendees get inspired to create next big thing. When many people in one industry get together under one roof, innovation is inevitable.

3. Meetings & events drive tourism and the local economy
We’d be lying if we said meetings and events are all work, no play. Many attendees are excited to use events as an excuse to travel to a new city or country and often plan vacations or extended stays around them. Even without those with wanderlust, the impact that a well-attended multi-day event can make on nearby restaurants, hotels and other facilities can make a big difference for the local economy.

4. Events bring different people and cultures together
Bringing people together to witness and hear stories about the different ways we live can have positive influence on any and all industries. That’s why events, especially those on the global scale, can be important for the future innovation by breaking down barriers and making stronger connections on a cultural level.   

5. Many events bring about change
For nonprofits or associations in particular, in-person meetings are how social, political and economical change comes about. Whether it’s coming together to raise money and awareness for a good cause, or finding the best ways to represent and fight for the best interests of a particular group of people, events can help facilitate these endeavors.

Overall, it’s important to remember what’s at the heart of the meetings and events industry: people and the human connection. Even as a technology company, even we know technology can never replace the impact that face-to-face meetings and events can make. That’s why we’re highlighting Global Meetings Industry Day and hope that eventprofs around the world remember the difference they make every day. 

For more information on Global Meetings Industry Day, visit or @MeetingsMeanBiz

Are you celebrating Global Meetings Industry Day? How do you think meetings and events make a positive impact? Share using the hashtag #GMID17 and in the comments below!

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