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According to LinkedIn’s 2014 Professional Content Consumption Report, 65% of LinkedIn’s 2,700 survey participants have spent more time consuming industry related news than they have in the past (LinkedIn, 2014). In fact, the survey revealed that professionals spend approximately 8-hours, an equivalent of a workday, on researching such content. This statistic proves that professionals are putting in additional time and effort to stay on top of industry trends.

So what resources can be used to make finding content a little more feasible? Here are four tools to assist with finding reliable industry news.



Topsy is one of my most frequently used (free) tools to help find trending content and influencers. When it comes to searching for trending content on both sites, you simply insert a term in to the search and several pages of reliable articles pertaining to that word will appear. They can also aid in find reliable influencers.  With an influencers tab, users can insert a term such as “mobile” and a large list of credible mobile influencers will be presented. It is a quick and easy solution to discover new influencers to potentially contact.

Topsy also provides an analytical feature to identify the popularity of a certain topic. More than just giving you analytics on the amount of shares, Topsy also includes which days people were most active discussing a certain topic. For instance, by entering the word “networking” into the search bar, Topsy displayed that 359,177 tweets on the topic happened in August and that they tweet less on the weekends than they do during the week about it.

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Flipboard is a mobile application used to discover, collect, share, and “flip” through the news that matters most to its users. For instance, users can select topics pertaining to World News, Business News, Tech & Science, Travel and more than narrow down their search from there.  Flipboard is simple, easy, and entertaining to use.


Newsify is unique and is a personal favorite.  This mobile tool allows users to list their favorite publications and easily check their preferred news source to view any updated news stories.  As someone who enjoys staying up-to-date on marketing, events, and technology trends, I have Seth Godin’s Blog, Fast Company, New York Times, and BizBash saved on my list of favorites.  This solution allows me to quickly browse through the news during my down-time.


When used correctly, Twitter is another reliable place to find content and home to various communities.  For the events world, typing in the acronyms #PCMA, #MPI, or #ASAE into the search bar opens up a world of event professionals within those organizations.  In addition to those hashtags, #eventprofs and #meetingprofs are also active communities of industry experts.  Within these communities, event professionals share blog posts, articles and discuss latest industry trends. A great source for finding trending content to curate or write about!

These four tools can serve as effective resources to easily stay on top of industry trends.  By using these sources, you can reduce the amount of time spent researching professional content.


CruxXF43_400x400Stacy Hanas - Marketing Assistant, Seven Degrees Communications

Stacy is the Marketing Assistant for Seven Degrees Communications.  She is a social media enthusiast and is responsible for the community management at Seven Degrees.  Want to chat?  Feel free to tweet her at @stacyhanas.  Learn more about


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