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4 Easy Ways You Can Give Back At Your Events


Are you planning an event in the next few weeks? Have you considered adding a charitable component to it during the holiday season?  Whether you’re planning a large-scale corporate holiday gathering or just a regular event this December, here’s four easy ways you can incorporate corporate social responsibility into your events.

1. Text to donate
Mobile fundraising platforms are on the rise. If you’re crunched for time, here’s a simple way you can incorporate charitable giving at your event. Include a text to donate code on your event signage to encourage attendees to donate a few dollars to a selected charity. There’s tons of different ones to choose from. Check out a few of them here.

2. ONE Today
Who has an Android? As the most popular smartphone on the market, some of your attendees are sure to have them. There’s a great app called ONE Today that allows users to donate an impactful $1 to a charity. This would be a great tool to use in a break-out or networking session. Just have your attendees download the app, pick a charity, and then designate breakout groups based on the charity they’ve selected to donate to.

3. Gifts that give back
Attendees want to feel loved at your event, and what better way to make them feel extra special this holiday season than with a little gift that gives back? There’s a variety of gifts – small and large – to choose from. Check out Mashable’s social good gift guide. You can also buy gifts from other organizations who build conscious consumerism into their brand, like (RED)TOMS, and Ten Thousand Villages.

4. Sign a pledge
Giving back doesn’t have to be all about money. A great way to build morale among attendees is by uniting them behind a common cause. Why not have a pledge for them to sign at your event? Change.org has tons of petitions to choose from. You can even sign them online! Go green and do good.

How are you incorporating corporate social responsibility into your events this holiday season? Tell us on Twitter or let us know in the comments!

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