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Last week etouches presented a webinar with our partner Onstream Media on how to effectively deliver highly engaging content with webcasting and virtual events.  Not only do we love collaborating with our partner, but we love talking virtual event solutions and integrations.

Virtual. We hear this term all the time as face-to-face events increasingly incorporate virtual components, such as a webinar or live stream.

So why is everyone talking about virtual events? According to a new report from Market Research Media, the virtual events market is projected to reach about $18.6 billion and expected to see an annual growth rate of 56% through 2018!

Virtual events extend your reach by removing geographical limitations of attendees, incorporating them into a virtual destination. Driving visibility and ROI through behavioral data and comprehensive reporting metrics, virtual events have the potential to extend content reach and visibility.

Event marketers use multimedia to drive event attendance and generate new revenue streams from paid attendees, exclusive content and sponsorships. Leveraging virtual event components enhances attendee engagement pre, during and post event. Reducing travel and logistic costs, virtual events promote sustainability as they are a truly green event.

With rapid growth comes rapid change. Should we prepare for virtual event takeover? Any fear about virtual events dominating the live event space is unnecessary.  According to the IAEE Virtual Event Study in July 2011, “event technology or digital line extensions extend the reach of physical event brands, either to complement them or serve as a product line extension.” We should begin to see virtual events as an opportunity to enhance the live event experience. Embracing new hybrid technologies can lead to events with a higher ROI, increased attendee engagement, and much more.

One way to begin participating in the virtual event space is through an Onstream Media product, MarketPlace365. An online destination to support all types of virtual events, MarketPlace365 streams live webcast and videos and creates animated exhibition halls. This product can set up a virtual auditorium with keynote speakers, learning centers, media library, and even a social lounge.

One question raised during the webinar was “When creating sponsorship programs for virtual events, what should and should not be offered? What do you think is the most beneficial?”

The three most common sponsorship opportunities associated with webcasting are banner ads at the top of the page, a companion ad that sits off to the side of the media player or a pre-roll video advertisement that runs anytime somebody uses that media player.

So what are you waiting for? Join the event technology evolution now! Click here to view “Love the Virtual” webinar

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