The Special Events Show is a great example of how Instagram can be used to network at events. Just look at all the awesome photos!

To help you use Instagram at other events, here are a few quick tips:
1. Get to know the hashtag of your event. In every picture that you take at the event, add the hashtag.

2. Follow the hashtag on Instagram. By following the hashtag you can see what other people posted. This can help you find something that you didn’t see the day before.
3. Start commenting on other people’s photos. By commenting on other people’s photos you are joining in on the conversation. You are also networking with them! Let them know that you liked their picture or ask what their favorite part of the event was. Nothing too long.

4. Connect Instagram to your other social sites. It is all about connecting right! Connecting with people and connecting networks. By linking your Instagram to Facebook and Twitter you are automatically sharing those photos with the rest of your audience and still staying in the hashtag conversation.

Does anyone else have any suggestions or tips?