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4 Steps to a Custom Integration of Your Event Management Platform

In this day in age, having technology that is customizable and scalable to your organization’s needs is essential, and that’s certainly true for event planners. Events and meetings vary in scope and complexity, therefore what one planner or meetings manager needs in an event management software (EMS) solution varies greatly.

This is why it’s important to look at all of your options when thinking of migrating to a specific event management software provider. Make sure they provide a robust set of tools, customization options and the ability to grow along with your organizational needs. Consider these steps to create a custom integration with your upcoming EMS migration.

  1. Come up a with a list of priorities: Once you know the extent of what your EMS provider has to offer, think about your event planning goals while using the software. Do you want to increase registration numbers or attendee engagement? Maybe you want to understand your event ROI better or use the latest onsite technologies, like digital badges. Once you outline your priorities, you can decide which software package or tools are right for you and your organization.
  2. Check out integration options with current tools: Do you use CRM or marketing automation software? Perhaps you want to utilize onsite badge printing software or single-sign-on technology for your attendees. Learn about the tools that can integrate seamlessly with your EMS to create an even more complete end-to-end solution. Having all the tools you need in one place will allow you and your team to create a custom experience for your migration that meets all your needs.
  3. Utilize custom templates: Work with your provider to create customized templates for everything related to your events: registration pages, event websites, marketing emails, attendee surveys. These are especially helpful if you plan the same type of events throughout the year and most of the details stay the same. Not only do customized templates allow for quick setup of your events, but it keeps a level of consistency for your unique branding and standards.
  4. Take advantage of other professional services: Talk to your EMS provider about all of their customization options, especially those that may be out of your skill set. Often, they have experts who can take your event website or event mobile apps to the next level with modern design and engaging graphics and imagery. In addition, having an integration specialist can not only help with your migration, but the specialist may also be able to help train your staff to continue to use and build these custom designs for future events.

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