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Back to Basics: Building Your Event Website

Drawing people into your event often starts with a great looking event website. Not only do you want it to showcase the most important information about your event, but you also want to capture the interest of prospective attendees while simultaneously exciting your loyal ones to return. 

As a result, not only do you want your website to be professional and informative, but you also want it match the look and feel of your event. With so much to think about, ask yourself these questions throughout your website building process:  

Are your event essentials clear and easy to find?: Adding engaging content to your website is key when attracting attendees, but once you’ve successfully “sold” your event to attendees, you want to make the registration process as quick and easy as possible. Consider creating a widget or block on your website with a call to action to register and keep it in the same spot as attendees go through the different pages. That way when their ready to pull the trigger, they know exactly where to go.

Does your event website include all the information your attendees are looking for?: Your website will be visited and re-visited many times over by your attendees, sponsors and stakeholders between registration and the time they depart from your event. Having well-organized tabs for important information, such as travel, accommodations, agendas, speaker session descriptions, etc., is a must. A section on the homepage with the latest updates and alerts, as well as links to social media channels is important to help keep attendees stay informed as well.

If you need help deciding what information is important to your event attendees, try putting yourself in their shoes or think about the times you’ve been an attendee yourself! Think about what you’d want to know and when and how.

Is your event website exciting and interesting?: Once your website has all the essentials, don’t forget about providing engaging content to get attendees excited about your event. Blog posts about trendy industry topics, Q&A interviews with keynote speakers, contests for discounts and behind the scenes videos are all great ways to make your website vibrant. These items also make for great content to push out via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatever other social media channels you use. Any way you can make your event website more than just a hub of information will delight your attendees and strengthen your role as an industry partner.

Does your website translate well to mobile?: Don’t forget about making sure your event website looks good on mobile devices as well! It’s no secret that more and more people today access online content on their tablets and smartphones. Not only should you take the steps to create a mobile-friendly website, but test it on various popular devices to ensure a high quality experience. Not being mobile-friendly appears unprofessional and breaks the illusion that you’re running a high tech event. If you can, consider creating and directing attendees to a mobile app instead for an even better experience. 

Overall, whether you’re building your first event website or you feel like they ones you’ve been creating lately are ineffective or not engaging, consider asking yourself the above questions. Along with the right website building tools, by putting yourself in an attendee mindset, you’ll put the pieces together to create an inspiring and successful central location for all things related to your event that attendees can rely on for years to come!

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