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How to Add Value to Events With Innovative Technology

With the dawn of digital media, many marketing channels have seen significant declines; print publishing is a well-known and startling example.  With all of the new, low-cost, feature-rich capabilities of digital media, some even predicted the complete demise of all traditional marketing and business channels.  But while certainly disruptive, not all dire predictions have played out as some had thought.  Trade shows and exhibitions, for instance, have not seen the same decline as channels such as print publishing. In fact they are growing and growing fast!  It seems there is still value in face–to–face meetings, not only for networking but also for sellers and buyers to meet in order to show and evaluate goods and services.

But this does not mean that digital technology has no place in face-to-face events. Actually, the opposite it true; the most valuable live events are the ones that use the digital world to enhance the physical experience. There is some great event tech being developed and innovative event organizers around the world are using it to add value to their events by enhancing the very networking and lead generation that face-to-face meetings provide.

Increase Attendee Networking

Studies have consistently shown that quality networking opportunities is the #1 reason an attendee chooses to attend an event. Further, the average person carries around 2.9 digital devices. So it’s clear that using event technology to provide quality networking opportunities to attendees, and delivering it to them ‘where they live,’ is key. And of course there is an app for that!

If you haven’t considered using an app for your tradeshow or exhibition, now is the time. When shopping for event apps, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The best apps for networking allow attendees to see who is at the event, how they are connected, etc. Also, make sure to avoid apps that require a  “single-use” download; instead, find ones that connect seamlessly to your audience’s day-to-day business applications, or user adoption can be problematic.

Keep in mind, to be most effective, attendee networking should begin well before the event, occur at the event, and will carry on well after.

Help Attendees Get the Most Out of Your Content

Content is another major contributing factor to why attendees chose an event. Beyond networking, attendees also come to events to stay up to date in their industry and quality content is important to providing attendee ROI. Event apps can help here too. With features such as voting, live Q&A, session rating, document libraries, slide sharing and more, event apps help organizers provide engaging content and attendees to take full advantage of what is offered, not only at the event but long afterward.

Add Value for Exhibitors and Sponsors

None of this would be possible without exhibitors and sponsors, who provide the backbone to every trade show and exhibition. In a survey conducted by CEIR, 99% of marketers said exhibiting at trade shows provided them value not experienced through other channels and 60% of exhibitors said one of their top three most valued aspects of a trade show was the ability to see lots of their prospects and customers at the same time.

So, the most effective way to add value for exhibitors and sponsors is by providing highly qualified event participants, who they want to impress with their brand and capture as leads. How? You guessed it, there is an app for that too! Integrating Advocate Marketing technology into your event empowers your participants to become co-marketers for your event, seamlessly dovetailing the power of personal connections with the power of compelling content. The word of mouth marketing that results is the most effective way to identify new quality prospects and convince them at attend your event, which provides exhibitors and sponsors exactly what they want – more, highly qualified, prospects and customers all in one place.


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