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Our Latest Update Directly from Apple: Existing LOOPD App Resubmissions and Our Approved Grace Period

There have been a lot of updates and news circulating regarding the Apple App Store Guidelines and their impact on event apps. Two weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about our stance on the new changes made by Apple.  Several event app companies have shared that they will still be able to submit single event apps after 2018, while others have shared that after speaking with Apple they won’t be able to submit single event apps after 2018. We’ve been speaking with Apple for the past few months now, and we’ve asked them to validate the latest news that we’ve read in other event app company blog posts.

In our most recent conversation with Apple we received good news. Apple will allow our existing  app clients to continue updating and resubmitting their LOOPD Apps in 2018 and beyond. Apple emphasized that clients with single event LOOPD Apps must consolidate them into company branded LOOPD Apps – Giving us a grace period until December 31st, 2017. When the grace period ends on January 1st, 2018, companies will only be able to add their events to their company branded LOOPD App or the LOOPD Global Container App. We believe that consolidation is positive for the events industry, since it increases overall event app retention and engagement for event organizers.

As a company, we’re communicating with our existing clients that they need to resubmit their LOOPD Apps into a company branded LOOPD App. Our existing clients have been grandfathered by Apple, and we’ll work tirelessly to consolidate their LOOPD Apps. In this situation, we’ll work with Apple on a case by case basis to make sure the company branded LOOPD Apps are not rejected and that they’re signed off and approved by Apple. We’ll be offering free initial resubmissions for rebranding LOOPD Apps into a company branded LOOPD App. Our team has best practices for rebranding, which we’ll follow and share with our clients.

Our professional services team will help rebrand the LOOPD Apps and share what needs to be completed for resubmission. Resubmission will be helpful, since it enables LOOPD Apps to have the latest features and appearance. They will also help update the app name, description and appearance. Company branded LOOPD Apps can scale over time and they’re the right model for growing event programs.

As a result of Apple approving the LOOPD Global Container App, we received our grace period to complete development and onboard new and existing clients to our product offering. All events will automatically be added to the LOOPD Container App for new prospective clients who purchase events from us. The Apple guidelines 4.2.6. and 4.3. that we covered in our last blog post will end up rejecting LOOPD Apps that are submitted after the grace period.  As we learn more from Apple we’ll continue to share our latest updates. We believe that transparency is key for the event industry, and we’ll continue to adapt our event apps to deliver the most value and security for all of our clients.

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