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Tech Tuesday: 2017’s Tech Trend Spotlight

As we kick off 2017 with our extensive list of upcoming events to come for the next 360 something days, there is a lot of event tech that we can look forward to seeing implemented, but it may not necessarily be tools we haven’t seen before. Maybe your budget is overflowing with opportunities to see what the hottest engagement tool is out there, or maybe you are looking for new ways to implement a mobile app. Regardless, there is always room for improvement when it comes to your event’s technology game. Event professionals can look forward to witnessing the reinvention of existing technology, no matter where they stand on the tech adoption scale. Let’s look at the some of the trends for 2017 and how you can adopt them, regardless of if you’re an early adopter or just trying to keep up.


Mobile Apps
Event mobile apps have been part of this discussion for years already, but regardless of if you’re a pro or just getting started, there are ways to incorporate them in a new way. One key method for audience engagement: surveys and polling. Your keynote sessions can be enhanced significantly when you have your audience’s feedback & incorporating their feedback into the session. For those that are just beginning their mobile app journey, you are on the right path. As Brandt Krueger mentions, we are at the point where most attendees assume your event will have a mobile app, so why disappoint your audience?

Registration Services
Excel spreadsheets just aren’t doing it anymore, are you? You can start with registration for the event, but you can go as far as booking hotel stays, group registrations, destination services and more. On-demand badge printing has also taken onsite technology up a notch. There’s no need for wasted material now with badge printing that can be done instantly. Customizing different badges for attendees, speakers, personnel, etc. that are already registered or are registering for your event onsite is taking the event experience to the next level. No more Avery-paper badging and more.


Virtual Reality
The technology to fully immerse yourself in a virtual reality environment takes you “out of reality” to create a new world that you can experience. The price tag for something like is still high, but a take on this is immersive video. Similar to VR, this concept gives the viewer an environment that is interactive in which they can turn their head to the right and see something different. Since this concept is more budget-friendly, it can be used for situations like virtual design, marketing materials, and more. This can also be used internally to showcase your company’s booth at a tradeshow you’re attending or to show the beach that a team will be sitting on thanks to the incentive trip that is being offered.

Augmented Reality
Similar to the Google Glass, AR layers information or graphics over reality. This allows for more experiential activities that is now starting to get groups interacting. Virtual scavenger hunts and other team building functions are beginning to pick up these technologies and utilize them. My favorite use of the future for AR goggles: floor plan layouts. Now, planners more so utilize drawn out floor plans or if you’re taking it one step further, digitally designing what a space will look like once everything is put together. Now, imagine looking through goggles and seeing your AV set up with your chairs and tables, charging stations and any decorations. This allows for a more realistic and detailed experience with accuracy.

Next-Level Tracking
iBeacon technology has been talked about for well over a year and still need some enhancements. A lot of this is due to improper communication with users. There is usually a need to download an app to make the technology valuable, but more show goers are understanding the value behind the technology and what benefits can be provided. Smart floor technology is also providing some insight into traffic at certain booths or sessions, and also follow the footpath of attendees.

Are you looking to utilize any of these technologies in 2017? Leave your feedback in the comment below!


This blog post is based off of January’s featured webinar Why 2017 is the Year to Re-Evaluate Your Event Tech. During this live webinar, Brandt Krueger, event tech guru, gave us insight into all of the tech we can look forward to seeing at this years events. To learn more about the trending event tech if 2017, register to get the recorded version!

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