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Tech Tuesday: Stay On Top Of Today’s Helpful Networking Tools

With all of the new and interesting technology that crosses our computer, tablet, and smartphone screens, we may not always find use for all of these outlets. That’s where I come in! This is the first of a series of monthly posts where you can look for the latest apps and websites that any event professional can implement into their regimen. We’re going to start things off with some ways to make your networking events the best that they can be.

Networking with total strangers can seem scary for even some of the most seasoned event professionals, but with the right preparation, it can be a little less intimidating. I’m here to give you the easy to swallow brief of how some of these newly released apps can ease the pain of going into an event with little to no information. With the ability to pre-schedule meetings, share calendars, and even do research on some prospective attendees, you can actually look forward to meeting strangers and mingling with the best.


Being described as the Tinder for events, Braindater is fostering the connection that event professionals need while networking at events. This app allows it’s participants to share articles that interest them, or pick among the database and learn something new. Based on what the ‘dater’ chooses, one-on-one meet-ups are generated, which allows for the freedom to network and mingle among peers of your choosing.


After making that initial first point of contact with a fellow attendee, finding some time to meet back up and connect at a later time can be tricky. Networking in the moment is beneficial, but continuing conversations at a later time is never guaranteed. Cue Meekan, an app that allows for calendar sharing features. With fields in which you can input your meeting plans, easily sync your schedules with your portable calendar, and block out your time!


Doing your research before walking into a room full of people that you want to connect with is a daunting, but necessary task. Making the process as quick and painless as possible while gathering only the necessary information sounds dreadful, but it doesn’t need to be! Charlie (available for iOS) gathers only the necessary information of your fellow meeting attendees and sends you a brief one-pager after skimming through hundreds of sources. Now there’s no excuse to show up to a meeting unprepared!

You can easily be overwhelmed by the variety of apps that are out there, so here are some tips so you can avoid the overflow:

  • Only keep what is crucial: Sure you can test out different apps and sites, but it’s crucial to delete anything that is taking up empty space. Get rid of those icons that haven’t been touched in months (or maybe years!), and don’t worry! They can always be replaced with something better and more useful.
  • Share the wealth: A lot of apps strive off of use, and if you think you’ve hit the jackpot with a helpful application, chances are others will agree. It’s also a great talking point while in the midst of networking with others. Throwing in a quick- “Hey! Have you heard of the app Braindater?” is a great icebreaker.
  • Keep exploring: There will always be a replacement for something you already have. Be conscious of what you have and if something new will actually benefit you, instead of making things more complicated and taking up unnecessary space.

Whether you’re always on the go & traveling from event to event, or attend a select few sessions, it’s important to be prepared for what to expect on site. These are 3 easy to use apps that can be useful for not only event professionals, but anyone that is going into a meeting or event. Be on the lookout for my next post, who knows what tricks I will have up my sleeve next month!

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