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Tech Tuesday: Wellness on the Go

With Spring upon us and Summer creeping right around the corner, getting healthy and dropping those winter pounds is becoming a reality. Unfortunately for event profs, not only do most not even have a second to breathe, but it can be difficult to keep your wellness in mind while constantly on the road. Thankfully, more and more events are catching on to this need. IMEX Frankfurt, which we will also be attending from April 19-21, always makes an effort to incorporate physical activity into their events. Big fitness brands like Reebok are also taking notice and are organizing more sessions within events to get attendees to break a sweat!

Now more than ever, we have the tools at hand to make sure that you are taking care of your mind, body and soul. On this Tech Tuesday, I’m here to give you a few options when it comes to tracking your fitness activity, meals, sleep and more with tech tools that are easily available to anyone!


FitbitFitbit trackers are one of the more popular fitness tracking devices that are on the market. What I enjoy most about these trackers is the fact that you are able to not only track your steps, calories burned, and active minutes, but you can even track your sleep schedule to be sure that not only are you healthy with your activity, but that you are getting enough rest.

Apple Watch– As many of you are on top of their technology game, I’m sure you know about the Apple Watch capabilities. From the ability to track a variety of specific workouts, to even tracking the amount of time standing vs. moving vs. actually exercising, there’s a little bit of everything for you! Also, not only are there built-in apps that you can utilize, there are several other free apps that you can download to maximize the experience. The Apple watch is a bit higher on the budget side, but if you are in the market for some new wrist wear, you may consider looking into one of these.

Garmin– For those of you that are ready to hit the running trails, even when you’re on the road, the Garmin Forerunner may be the perfect fit for you. With the ability to not only track distance, calories and steps, but you can also map your runs. Have some fellow eventprofs that are also into running? You can set up a challenge that will also rank you based on the amount of steps you take!


Yoga– At the end of a long and stressful day of meetings and chatter, you may want to consider spending 10-15 minutes getting some quiet time with yourself. With apps like Yoga Studio, Pocket Yoga, and Simply Yoga, you can end your day with a few poses that will ease your mind and slow your breathing. My favorite part about all of these apps is that there are step-by-step directions that will show you how to ease into each pose, so whether you’re a beginner or a professional yogi, you can do it at your own pace.

Short Workouts– Apps like the 7 Minute Workout and Fit In 15 will bring you through an entire workout in a short amount of time! Even if you have 10 minutes before you have to head out to a dinner, you still have time to get your heart rate going and get in some more activity. If you have more time, you can repeat these exercises for an added calorie burn!

Tracking Calories

MyFitnessPal– Available both online and through their app, MyFitnessPal allows you to track calories, water intake, activities with calories burned, and even track weight loss if that is your goal. When setting up your account initially, it will ask for your goal, whether it’s to gain or lose weight, or to just maintain your weight. It will then give you a suggested calorie intake and will also fluctuate with exercise. This way, you may be more conscious of making healthier choices when out to dinner with a client.

Weight Watchers– As I’m sure many of you are aware of, Weight Watchers has been around for years, and has no evolved into a more hands on approach of keeping yourself accountable. It is more costly, as there is a monthly subscription for even tracking via the app, but many users find it easier to use as you input all of your information when you begin the program and continue to track and manage your weight, food and activity. This may be a good route for those who are trying to lose weight, as there is a subscription fee.


Although your goal may not to be to lose weight, keeping your body in good health should always be a goal. Especially for event professionals, the constant stress of the job can affect your mind and body if you don’t take care of it. Whether you’re just traveling for a client meeting or spending days on the road for an event, Utilizing some of the above tools while your on the road can help you out in the long run, and your body will thank you for it!

Are there any steps that you take to make sure that you are taking care of yourself while you’re traveling? Share in the comments below!

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