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Everything You Wanted to Know About GDPR But Were Afraid to Ask

GettyImages-691595598-608x400.jpgThe General Data Protection Regulation will be enforced in May 2018. From an event planner standpoint, the time to comply is tomorrow as you may already be prepping for events occurring June 2018 and beyond. Throughout our own research, we came to a few conclusions:

  • Planners are stressed, and adding GDPR to the mix is not helping!
  • There is very little content on GDPR that is geared toward meetings and events. It is insane as events and meetings are one of the most impacted activities when it comes to capturing consent and managing personal data!
  • While everyone is talking about it, little has been done within the industry.

How can planners approach GDPR and sleep through the night?

Your first challenge is to understand what GDPR is and your role. In a nutshell, you have to step up your technology game and understand what data you are collecting and where it lives. Now, to get a better sense of GDPR, let me help you.

GDPR is nothing new, it is just enforced with bigger fines. It is nothing new in a sense that most of the regulations already exist, and was actually voted into law in 2016. To understand GDPR, think of it as “the data transparency act” for EU citizens!

  • You need to acquire express consent from your participant (registrations, onsite tech, etc.)
  • You need to tell him/her what you will be doing with their data
  • You need to protect his/her data
  • You need to give him/her access to their data and possibly delete some of it
  • You need a DPO (Data Protection Officer)

This is very high level of course. For this reason, we have built a step by step series of resources to help you understand each one of these aspects.

Are you GDPR savvy? Check out these true/false GDPR statements. If you answered them all correctly, you are in a good shape. If not, I would recommend you follow the GDPR event planner track below to help you become a champion. After all, GDPR is sure to be the main topic of discussion at your next meeting planner dinner, so make sure you can demonstrate your knowledge of the today’s most searched topic for event planners!

Now, don’t get overwhelmed, you won’t be alone in this journey. Here are some great assets that can help you to quickly step up your game:

  • Listen to our webinar: The Impact of GDPR in Meetings and Events. This is an effortless way to learn about GDPR with concrete examples that will speak to you. We made it super simple.
  • Download our eBook: GDPR for Meetings & Events. now that you have the context, dive deeper and get actionable insights.
  • You did it all? Time for you and your organisation to implement it. We are here to help. Write us at, we have already helped dozens of clients to work on their compliance.

Nicola Rossetti is vice president of Europe markets at etouches.

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This Post was Written by Nicola Rossetti

Nicola is an event industry and marketing professional based in the UK.

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