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Tech Tuesday: How Google Assistant Will Become Your Right Hand Event Planner

GettyImages-475417253-608x400.jpgWith the latest release of Google Assistant after the original announcement in 2016, this new technology has been giving Alexa and Siri a run for their money. You may be thinking, "but I have an iPhone so this won’t work for me." Well, that’s where you’re wrong. The Google Assistant app has now been made for both iOS and Android users to access from their mobile devices. Although you can also utilize Google Home alongside of the Assistant, this app functions as a standalone option as well, which will help the crazed event planners who are looking for some normalcy in their day-to-day schedule. From managing tasks to planning for your day-to-day routine, Google Assistant can now be your shadow to getting event planning related tasks done more efficiently which is something we all crave. Let’s see if I can convince you to jump on the Google bandwagon.

Manage Tasks

After downloading the app and adding the Assistant to your list of widgets for easy access, you can get started with your daily life-organization. From here, you can set deadlines for projects, easily create e-mails to send to clients or colleagues, send texts and much more. One cool difference from Siri: not only can you ask via a verbal command, but you can also type a command or question to elicit and response.

Set RemindersScreen Shot 2017-05-26 at 3.55.22 PM

Under the “Your Stuff” tab in the app, you have easy access to a ton of key shortcuts that will save your patience. One in particular is the reminders section where you can set reminders for deadlines, booking travel accommodations or even take a deep breath every hour. Another added bonus of this feature – not only can you set the time that you want the reminder to go off at, but you can instead set the place. For example, if you need to send an email out when you get to the office, you can set a reminder which will pull the location from your activity.

Create Shortcuts

Are you chronically late when going to catch up with friends? You can create a shortcut to let them know (and save yourself from being even more late!). Want easy access to your inventory of photos from an event you attended? Create a shortcut to quickly pull up those photos. Really, you can create a shortcut for virtually anything! Another fun feature is that you can set a variety of commands to link to the same result. For example you could say “I need a laugh” or “You know what to do” and for both commands, your “Assistant” can pull up pug videos from YouTube.

By downloading this app, you can easily eliminate daunting event planning tasks from your day-to-day routine. There a ton of features that I didn’t mention above that can further help you organize your life when you don’t think you necessarily have it all together. If you don’t have a personal assistant, this app will quickly become yours and even if you do, this will become your personal assistant’s personal assistant!

Do you use Google Assistant? Has it helped with your event planning? Share any fun ways you have use Google Assistant to make your life easier in the comments below!

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This Post was Written by Melissa Lombardi

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