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How to Give Your Attendees the “Local” Experience

Planning an event that interacts with local culture and opens up a new world for attendees is one of the main difficulties that you might experience when organizing an event in another location. Finding the specific flavor of a culture and transitioning it to a theme of an event can take some creativity and require a lot of thought to make sure you get the details right. Here are some ways you can create a local experience for your guests at your next event:

Hire locally
Capturing the local culture of your event location is easier when you choose a staff that knows its history and background well. When you hire a cook to cater the event, you might want to consider a local who knows the dishes of the culture and who can offer any advice relating to food preparation and serving. Entertainers, speakers, and other roles should also be chosen in or near the place where the event will be hosted. Locals usually know how to best represent their culture and make it relatable to visitors. Plus, you’re stimulating the local economy by offering jobs, as well!

Offer ways for guests to know the community more
Whether you are planning a silent auction or looking for activities outside your event, remaining consistent and looking to what activities are available for guests within the area can help you come up with creative ways to engage the community. If you’re planning an event in Tuscany, a wine tour might be called for. However, if you are in a place like South Africa, a day-long safari trip might be a better option. Finding activities to supplement your event might take a little research, but it often adds some extra flavor and thought that will make it special.

Use local products
While it might seem like a better idea to use products that you know well, hosting an event that includes locally-sourced products is a great way to not only highlight the community where your event is located, but to help it too. Small businesses are often the heart of most locations, and choosing products that have been grown or created in that area often bring a special touch to your event. Buying honey from nearby farmers or choosing gifts created by craftsmen and women from the area not only creates further interest in the area you are hosting your event, but it creates work for the local people too. 

Give back 
Many event attendees want to give back to communities in need, so having a means for them to do so is an important part of planning your event. Working with local charities and talking to those in need can be the best sources of inspiration when finding ways to give back during your event. You’ll want to make it clear to guests how they can help the local area—either through volunteering their time or offering a donation. Giving back to those in need is a major reason to have an event in a different location throughout the world, and you can help others by making sure that attendees know how they can offer assistance. 

Putting together an event that shares the flavors and best parts of a culture can be a challenge, but it is often worth it to have a unique experience that gives back to the local community and helps others.

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