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Tech Tuesday: Step Into The Spotlight with Presentation Tools

Welcome back for round 2 of Tech Tuesday. Since unearthing the hidden secrets of networking, I’ve been thinking about how I can keep you all on the edge of your seats. Then I thought- if that’s what a presenter is supposed to do, why not dish about the apps to keep your audience engaged? There are the natural born presenters that keep you wanting to know more, and then there are those that need a little push to keep you interested. I’m here to give you the push you need!

Imagine this, you’re sitting in an auditorium and listening among a crowd of people. What keeps you interested? Is it the session topic? Is it the actual speaker? Or maybe it’s the bells and whistles that go into pulling together the whole thing. I’ll tell you – it’s a combination of all three.  See how you can utilize these Oscar-worthy presentation tools during your next speaking session!

Crowd Mics

iPhone Screenshot 5Get in tune with audience interaction thanks to the Crowd Mics app! With this free app, your audience members can turn their smartphone into a live microphone with the simple tap of a ‘download’ button. Thanks to voice, text and poll capabilities, this app allows for 4x the audience engagement all at your audience’s fingertips. The audience members who have a bit of stage fright when it comes to speaking to a large crowd, can participate through text commenting capabilities. Hand over the mic with Crowd Mics app! As an added bonus, get the inside scoop with one of Crowd Mics’ CEOs Tim Holladay during his live webinar with us on September 23rd!




Speecheo can help with some behind-the-scenes presentation enhancements that target which parts of your presentation are peaking your audience’s interest most. When it comes to creating visuals for a speaking opportunity, speakers think that their entire presentation is interesting. From the audience’s perspective, that is only true some of the time. Learn what you are doing well and which areas could use a boost of life. Let Speecheo help make your events worth your time after the doors are closed with the impact of their audience experience capabilities.


Whether you’re the presenter or in the audience, Glisser has the handheld tools to maintain engagement. As a presenter, you are able to share your slides, ask questions, and get the feedback you need to keep your speaking slot relevant. As a member of the audience, you’re able to share your responses to the questions that are asked, while freely taking notes mid-session. What’s left? You can’t forget the event profs! While maintaining a high level of attendee engagement, planners can utilize the feedback that is received by managing the data that’s collected and tracking event success over the years. Your audience will love the live polling and Q&A capabilities that will allow them to voice their opinions, while also giving the presenter full control.


For those that like to consolidate their materials, Slideshark is a great app for doing just that. Allow your audience to have access to your slides before or after your presentation on their handheld devices. With this free application, speakers can upload presentations equipped with all of the fancy fonts, animations, and sound effects, and allow your audience to follow along at their convenience.

As this Tech Tuesday comes to a close, I hope that you’ve been able to get a grasp of some 5 star quality presentation tips and tools. Begin implementing these speaking session-friendly apps, and you will be walking the red carpet of event profs in no time!

For the next Tech Tuesday post, I am dying to know – what tech topics and tools do you want to learn more about? Leave a comment below with your event struggles and we may feature them next month!


2 Responses to “Tech Tuesday: Step Into The Spotlight with Presentation Tools”

  1. Cath

    Another fantastic article here team. We’re not quite in the space yet to require these apps but this is great to understand what is available. Attempting to pool this information together yourself can take hours (and you’ve basically served it up on a silver platter).

  2. Melissa Lombardi

    Hi Cath! Thank you for such positive feedback! There’s definitely a lot of helpful tools out there so the easier I can make it for others to access them, the better! Do you have any suggestions regarding what you’re interested in seeing next?


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