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Top Webinars of 2016

2016 was an interesting year, especially for our monthly webinar program! With an extensive lineup of amazing presenters to the wide array of topics they covered, we touched on most of the key pain points that event profs have struggled with this year! With December coming to an end, let’s look back on all of the webinars that were held (and hopefully you attended!) and review that top webinars of 2016!


Computer Engineer Repair Tech Support OnlineLooking Forward to Nothing: How the Next Generation of Tech will Completely Change Events
Engagement Score: 662

Smartphones, event apps, badges, touch screens, tablets – all are technologies that place burdens on attendees (and organizers) in the name of “engagement,” efficiency and data. In this webinar, we’ll explore technologies that will completely change the way people experience your event – and how you plan it.

Green power iconHow to Activate Your Audience
Engagement Score: 440
Recently the word engagement has become a buzzword not in the world of digital marketing but also in the event industry. But what does engagement really mean and how can you make your audience truly engaged? Register for this webinar to find out!




You've got mail!Upgrade to Inbound Sponsorship – A How-To!
Engagement Score: 422
The way sponsorship is made today is fundamentally changing. During this webinar, Peter Poehle discusses the know how of inbound sponsorship and how it’s taking sponsorship to the next level.




etouches_april_eptvEvent Tech: How to Turn Your Event Attendees into Active Participants

Engagement Score: 412
From what we know about learning, we might doubt the efficiency of one-way sessions that, more often than not, leave the audience out of the conversation. During this webinar, you will learn and try a number of interaction techniques that we have picked up while helping over 7,000 events engage their delegates.



Alternative opinion viewpoint a red thumbs downEnhancing Exhibitor Exposure with Social Media

Engagement Score: 405
When strategically activated, social media allows exhibitors to greatly expand their reach at any type of event. Using social media organizations can connect the best of both worlds in a truly engaging experience. This webinar offers insight into how various organizations achieve this at IMEX and IMEX America.



As an added bonus, we were also able to expand our program to the APAC region, hosting two live webinars with two speakers streaming live from Australia! If you missed them then, you can watch them on demand now!

istock_65874239_medium-1024x682Beyond Logos: Event Sponsorship that Works!
Engagement Score: 202

Kate Dezarnaulds, Head of Partnerships at TEDxSydney, will look at industry trends and successful strategies that can be applied to conferences, events and festivals across multiple sectors and as a bonus, get a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of TedxSydney!




6311291Delegate Experience & Event Tech Innovation
Engagement Score: 121

Join Daniel Elder – Global Chief Digital Officer iMedia, ad:tech & MMS – as he looks at the latest innovations in digital marketing tech; provides tips on how to get buy-in from management, and establishes clear objectives for “how” and “why” an innovation should be integrated into your tech stack pre-, during, and post-event, so you can continue to deliver.



Are there any topics you’d like to see in 2017? Or maybe there was a certain webinar that you enjoyed and would like to see the speaker return for another webinar next year! Leave your feedback in the comments below!

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