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What’s Your Event Website Building Score?

One of the most important steps of the event planning process is building the event website. An event website is the main source that provides attendees with event info, sessions, speakers, agenda, and more. If your website doesn’t have the essentials that your attendees are looking for, how will they know what will be happening at your event?

Some things to consider when creating an event website is to make sure that it’s informative, clear, and exciting. Keeping your website consistent across all pages is also key to making sure attendees always know where to find information. To make your website even more engaging, consider adding additional content such as behind the scenes videos.

Since people are always on-the-go, making sure your website can be viewed easily on mobile is crucial. However, all mobile devices open content differently, so don’t forget to test your website to make sure it’s consistent across all platforms. In addition, consider creating a mobile app tailored to your evWhats your event website building score v1ent so attendees have easier access to information all in one place.

Take our mini quiz to help you find out if you’re meeting the steps in the event website building process. At the end of the quiz, you’ll receive a score that will help determine if your website needs some adjustments.

Did you take our quiz to find out your event website building score? What were your results? Share in the comments below!

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