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Back to Basics: Abstract & Proposal Submissions

Successful events are nothing without innovative, intriguing programs. From captivating presentations to engaging keynote speakers, to breakout sessions and interactive demos, you need the best of the best. Therefore, gathering and selecting your event program content is an important process during the pre-event stage.

While selecting the top content submissions or conference might be the hard part, the management of these proposals shouldn’t be. Having event management software to help you collect, approve and organize event content submissions is key, but make sure you’re using it to your advantage.

Ask yourself these questions to ensure your abstract management process is helping you build a program that will capture the interest of attendees.

Are you consistent with your submission guidelines? In order to select the absolute best speakers and presentations, it’s important to be consistent with what you are asking of them to include in their abstract submissions. Not only do you want to avoid having to track down important information, but you want all the same information to properly compare prospective event content.

This is also helpful when wanting to diversify your event content. Say, you want the same number of session topics, speaker professional titles or even regions represented in your event agenda. By making all the necessary information fields required fields upon proposal submission, you can better organize all your prospective content, making the selection process that much easier based on your goals.

Did you create customized submission forms with specific permissions? Overall, it may be a good idea to require that proposal and abstract submissions can only come from registered attendees. You want potential speakers to already be committed to attending your event, as well as get any payment issues out of the way.

Especially when trying to include a variety of content formats (traditional speaker sessions, campfire chats, panels, Q&As, etc.) not all abstract submission forms should be the same. Make sure to customize different forms with different content and information requirements. That way, the proposal submission process is easy and concise for attendees, encouraging more of them to actually complete the process.

Does your proposal approval process automatically update your online event agenda? After selecting and approving your proposal submissions, you want to be able to publish your online event agenda as soon as possible. Look for software that will automatically sort and publish approved proposals to your event website and mobile app. Not only does that automate what would otherwise be a tedious process, but you will be able to market your content faster, attracting even more attendees and grow your event.

To learn more about abstract and proposal management, check out our abstracts cheat sheet.

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