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Simplifying Content Management for Events


More often than not, events are associated with content distribution.  At these types of events, the speakers provide the content and these speakers run their sessions. Easier said than done?

Before speakers can step up to the podium and present their content, typically, a very convoluted and pain staking process occurs.  The event coordinators/organizers must first review the hundreds of abstracts or content submissions that they receive.  From those submissions they need to weed out the topics they want to use, all the while granting certain keynote speakers their time slots.  After that is magically decided, everything needs to be put together into the event’s agenda and registration statuses need to be managed with no overlap…if you don’t feel the pain by now, you may want to check to see if you have a pulse…

A couple of years ago I was organizing events and remember my team struggling with three main challenges:

1)      Once a speaker was selected (while other content submitters were not), how do we make sure their registration statuses got updated?

2)      How do we manage a review committee without having to spend hours in a meeting room with printed documents and notes?

3)      How do we facilitate interactions with speakers?


Individuals running events involving a lot of speaker management, content reviews, and session selections know exactly what I am talking about.  With that being said, your team will more than likely face even more than those three challenges.

Abstract or content management is a step by step process that involves a lot of components:

–          Setting up the form to collect your content (abstracts, award submissions, resumes, white papers…)

–          Setting up the steps, roles, and categories for the reviewers

–          Inviting everyone to participate

–          Adding content to sessions

–          Managing registrations, deadlines, rates…

–          Making sure selected speakers receive the right badges and their session info


It’s a well-known fact that speakers and organizers are always on time and never perform last minute changes (wink, wink). Also, you will never have a potential speaker booking his or her participation to the event through the classic registration process; paying instead of being invited because they have been selected.

I’m not saying there’s a magical 100% automated solution that solves these complex problems, but we worked really hard to create a product that would ease the pain of our clients.

At etouches, we’ve taken all of our expertise to create a solution that would ease the pain of this process. We call it eSelect; a unique product that combines abstract management, review processes, and the ability to assign content to sessions and sync with registrations. eSelect was a fairly complex tool given what it addresses, but we spent 18 months designing a new version: more simple, more powerful, and with a new user interface that not only makes it super-duper unique, but affordable, accessible and efficient for those who, like myself, used to feel the pain of the manual process.

We love increasing productivity by naturally creating efficiency. Love your event software; love your abstract management module!

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