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5 TEDxSydney Talks For Event Managers & Marketers

Photo: JJ Halans | TEDxSydney
This week a few thousand lucky individuals are sitting in the Sydney Opera House experiencing the unique community of TEDxSydney 2016.

The mission of TED, ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’, is ostensibly also what events are about: getting people with at least one thing in common together to share ideas, connect, talk, entertain, listen, learn, and hopefully leave the engagement feeling somehow changed for the better.

I cried non-stop, except when I was laughing (and only occasionally yawning), as I rolled through numerous past TEDxSydney talks to handpick some gems that would resonate with event professionals on a variety of levels.

Not your typical ‘up-skill’ series that form most professional content shares, these TEDxSydney pieces have been selected because they touch on the most critical element of events – the humanness of them and the people that endeavour daily to produce them.  No event, however high or low tech, big or small budget, was a success if it didn’t meet the basic requirement of connecting humans.

The opinions of the presenters are their own, and where some are unsurprising, others would polarise a polite dinner conversation, let alone a workplace. But the people behind the ideas are up on a stage, putting themselves out there, and taking a risk telling their stories for us to judge.  It would be a rare individual who could walk away from these not feeling inspired and ready to put a little more oomph into their own lives!

There are lessons here that we can take into our workplace, our homes and our interactions with loved ones, colleagues and strangers, but inevitably with any TED talk I often find it is what I discover about myself that is the most confronting and the most transformative. That alone has made these Ideas Worth Spreading.

Below find our picks for the must watch TEDxSydney talks and the questions for event professionals to reflect upon as your watch and read each post: 

#1. Tom Uglow – Creative Director of Google Creative Labs – “Beyond Screens”

tedx 1

What innovations are really going to meet delegates’ need for information, and conversely, their innate desire for more natural interactions?


#2. Tega Brain – Eccentric Engineering Thoughts for the Anthropocene


What infrastructural ‘leaks’ or ‘wastage’ are an accepted norm of your event operations that could be re-engineered or repurposed to contribute positively to Event ROI?


#3. Sarah Frankel – How Ideas Spread: How Influential are ‘Influentials’?

Actually this one is a ‘must-read’…


Who do you identify as the key ‘influentials’ in your industry?


#4. Julian Burnside – What is Fair and What is Just?

tedxsydney fb1

What traits or skills do you have that empower you to ‘make a difference’ – because you can?


#5. Nadine Champion – 10 Seconds of Courage: Life Lessons from a Fighter


Can you change your thinking when confronted with a seemingly unsurpassable challenge?

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