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The Power of Advocate Marketing

This post was written by our partners at InGo, the advocate marketing platform

When you are coming up with the promotion plan for you event, where do you decide to put your money? Most marketing budgets are split with traditional advertising options and “new-age” options like social media marketing. However, most executives won’t see the point in spending your event advertising and marketing dollars on a medium like social media. You need to be able to show them proven facts and new ways of reaching your audience on social that will give you a positive ROI.

There’s no question that your audience is on social media.  Billions of people are already using social media and that number increases every day. And companies are responding; the fastest growing marketing budget item is social media. But the returns don’t seem to be there yet: only 21% of event marketers say their efforts on social are “effective,” and amongst event companies, social media enjoys the lowest perceived ROI, along with print advertising.

This is because social media represents a different type of opportunity, which  requires a different thought process and approach to attain, and our results bear this out.  Compared with traditional marketing channels, the people on social media are not just a ‘targeted audience;’ they are, in a sense, personal marketers themselves, looking to connect.  As such, old fashioned, blunt-force tactics appropriate to other marketing channels will drive disappointing results.

Instead of paying for placement, SEO, and clicks, event marketers have the opportunity to use social media to spark the most effective and brand-building marketing there is: “word-of-mouth” marketing created by Advocates.

Here’s an infographic explaining that the secret to social media marketing is Advocates.

Traditional vs. Advocate Marketing

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