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Top Webinars of 2015

2015 was an exciting year for etouches webinars! With topics ranging from increasing engagement at your events to event tech needs, and special guests like our friends from EventMB, Will Curran from Endless Entertainment, and more we have really revamped our webinars! With 45 total webinars this year and over 5,000 registrants, let’s take a look at the ones that you attended and engagement with the most. See if your favorite made the cut, and don’t forget to visit our webinar page for even more next year.

1. 6 Innovative Ways to Best Leverage Social Media at Your Next Event
Speaker: Tim Sae Koo, CEO of Tint
Engagement: 684
Tapping into the best practices of social media is becoming more common. Learn the tools, techniques, campaign ideas and tactics of how some big names are using social media at their events. Watch On Demand



2. How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Mistakes in Attendee Engagement
Speaker: Sam J. Smith, Managing Director at Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC
Engagement: 652
Beyond polling, many event organizers struggle to come up ideas that turn attendees into active participants. See how you can turn struggle into success by learning how to overcome these 5 common mistakes in engagement. Watch On Demand


 3. Cut the C&*p: Research Backed Trends to Make Events Better
Speaker: Julius Solaris, Editor of EventMB
Engagement: 629
When it comes to new trends and event tech, things can get confusing. Get the know how on what research backed trends will keep your attendees coming back for more! Watch On Demand



4. The Future of Events is Not All About Technology
Speaker: David Schenberg, Chief Evangelist & Keeper of Calm at Busy Event
Engagement: 505
What factors are driving the future of live events? Are they tech-based? You may be surprised to learn that in reality, the combination of old and new event tactics will give your event a unique and modern feel. Watch On Demand



5. 3 Ways to Build a Thriving Events Community
Speaker: Laura Lopez, Community Manager at Social Tables
Engagement: 349
Keeping your audience engaged before, during and after your event is a feat that event profs constantly battle. Learn how to overcome this crucial component to developing a true relationship with your attendees. Watch On Demand



As an added bonus, we also hosted a Google Hangout in May with some very special guests on the topic of diversity. Join the discussion by watching the on demand recording and sharing your thoughts!

2424484A Diversity Business Dialogue: Embracing Perspective
Speakers: Tess Vismale of the Meeting Pool, John F. Gates, Ph.D. Strategic Management Consultant & Apoorva N. Gandhi, VP Multicultural Affairs of the Marriott International, Inc.
Engagement: 466

Join etouches and our panel of experts during this Google Hangout for a unique dialogue that takes into account recent news, as well as helps to define a new vocabulary and framework for implementing diversity in business settings of all kinds.Watch On Demand


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