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Hey Twitterboy, I Know You Now!

A week ago I had the opportunity to run a speaking slot during an event, a content driven event I have to say. I was talking about social media, going through strategies and metrics, ROI… All good stuff. A huge number of topics were around social media (which shows how critical it becomes to master that marketing aspect and how marketers start to feel the urge of getting strategies in place that yield results) and how far people are from understanding what strategies live on : people and skills!  As soon as you are willing to put in the amount of necessary efforts the rest is fairly simple. The great thing (and I experience it every day) is that metrics become relevant; Measure is more accurate than it has ever been.

But this is not the point today. The best learning (dear speakers, please focus on takeaways for your audience) actually didn’t come out from my presentation itself, it came from the audience. Someone asked me about the value of event apps against the existing platform:  why would I use an event app (here are some great tools you should check : our eMobile product, attendify, bizzabo, DoubleDutch, quickmobile  and of course Topi) when I can use Twitter or Facebook or Linked In directly from my phone?

This is where it gets exciting: Twitter is broad, vague, and contextless. You are attending an event, a defined community at finger distance, posting on twitter is fine but why not mix the power of the local network with social media reach. That’s exactly the value those apps bring. There were about 15 people attending the session and most of them used the “session check in” button from the app. It was really great for me as a speaker to look at the profile of each attendee and then engage with them through social media. This proves the value of the convergence between a social media platform and onsite experience.

Now, let me take my own advice and give you four takeaways for attendees, exhibitors and organizers:

  • As an attendee, exhibitor & organizer: Remember Twitter isn’t the only tool. You have multiple social media weapons, so why not use them all! It’s great for content marketing, but best to engage directly with influencers and like-minded people with specific event based apps.

  • As an attendee & exhibitor: Use event apps to help you network. Being able to “check in” with the app, speakers and other attendees can see who you are, your background, etc. and connect immediately through social.

  • As an organizer: The event app will be your one-stop-shop. The event is not only in the room it’s on the web. This is why it’s important to think about the event before, during and after to make sure you are creating a strong community that will last.

  • As an organizer, attendee & exhibitor: check out this infographic  that’s a great overview of tips and tools to navigate social media at events.


Infographic social media

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