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How You Can Drive Registrations with Speaker Co-Marketing

Speaker: noun: a person who speaks formally before an audience;lecturer;orator.

Co-marketing: noun: a partnership between two or more companies where both companies jointly market each other’s products.

Fuse these two together, add a dash of marketing pizzazz and voila! Speaker co-marketing. Also known as getting your speakers or their marketing counterpart to promote the event on your behalf. An excellent, yet widely underutilised channel through which to market your event.

Why get your speakers to promote your event?

The very fact these movers and shakers are speaking at your event and backing it makes them influential brand ambassadors. Your target customers are more likely to be persuaded to attend the event by hearing from such a credible source versus someone they don’t yet know or trust.

What’s more, speaker co-marketing is a highly cost effective way to expand the reach to your target market. Imagine being able to reach all these new contacts for a fraction of what it costs to buy them.

How do you get them to do it?

Before embarking on your promotional activities, first ensure your speakers are educated about co-marketing and they’ve been briefed. Given that the relationship is normally held with production (or your equivalent), it makes sense to get your producers to own this part of the process. That means securing your producers’ buy-in and briefing them in early on in your event cycle.

What’s in it for them? Co-marketing is all about value exchange, so make sure your speakers know how they will benefit. For example, the opportunity to give their colleagues a good discount on attending, for everyone in the company to know they’re showcasing their knowledge at your event, and saving their company time and resource by providing them with the marketing tools they’ll need in one easy-to-use marketing pack.

When a speaker confirms their interest, pass this over to a member of the marketing team who can co-ordinate its execution.

What promotional activities should you push?

There are several ways you can encourage speakers to promote their participation:

  • Banners or copy on their website in the news, blog or events section
  • Banners or copy in their newsletter or direct mail campaign
  • Through their social media
  • Contact their PR agency to see whether they can reach out to the media

If you can, create a dedicated landing page specific to that speaker, with some copy either written or endorsed by them on why they believe your event is a must-attend. Doing this can increase conversion rates by more than 25%, according to a recent survey by McKinsey & Company.

Now to go and find that producer…


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