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The Content-Generated Attendee


Recently while reading an article about Birchbox on Mashable, I heard an alarming statistic. A relatively new monthly beauty product subscription service, Birchbox is proving to be a leader and game changer in the field of content marketing. (Not to mention an awesome way to get the hottest makeup samples delivered to your door for just $10 a month!)

The statistic that grabbed my attention was not that Birchbox quadrupled their sales last year. It had to do with their customer acquisition strategy. The beauty company attracts new customers who don’t even subscribe to its monthly program, but who instead discover products through its on-site editorial, which includes a blog and over 20 how-to videos every month. These content-generated buyers now represent 15% of ecommerce orders. 15%!

We all know event content is key at every stage of the event lifecycle. How can event professionals duplicate Birchbox’s customer acquisition model for higher registration rates?


Here are four steps to success:

  1. Focus on your audience: A vital first step is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your target attendee. Learn them, know them, live them, breathe them. By defining your target audience and performing the research necessary to understand what that audience values, content can be created to provide value to the consumer that will in turn lead to engagement and success.
  2. Create value: Now that you know your target audience, you’re ready to begin developing content ripe for customer acquisition. You know what your audience wants and likes, so blog, tweet, instagram away to generate value for your attendees. Become a trusted member of their community through targeted content. Have a never-ending dedication to sharing valuable content with your community.
  3. Expand your reach: Good content must be shared across all of your networks. If you generate a blog post, be sure to blast it out across all of your networks. Cross-pollinating can amplify your reach. Have a Pinterest account? Make a vine video of your top pins. Writing blog posts? Find a LinkedIn group to share them on. Don’t underestimate the value of your content. You never know where you might find a “pollinator” – an individual who will exponentially expand your reach.
  4. Measure the results: There is a great deal of learning that comes from each of your content marketing campaigns. Tracking and analyzing your key performance indicators associated with your event can help you leverage important data to improve your next event content marketing strategy. Be sure to determine which types of content resonate most with your potential attendees: are they more of a video crowd? Or are they looking for live webinars?


These four crucial steps will pave the way to reach the content-generated attendee. How do you use digital content to reach higher registration rates? What is your favorite channel to utilize in order to reach your target audience?

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