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Top 10 Traits of a Successful Event Manager

Some event managers are born, others are made. Today, the field of event management has become much more streamlined and demands high professional standards from event experts.

If you weren’t born with the traits of an event manager, you can always imbibe them.

This post highlights 10 traits that every successful event manager possesses.

1. Interpersonal/People skills

Events are all about meeting and dealing with people. Successful event managers have the ability to strike a chord with the people they meet and build lasting relationships with them.

They also tend to work well in teams and motivate them to work together and achieve the desired goal.

Good communication is high on their list of priorities. Whether it is communicating within the team or with clients, event managers are capable of making their point in a clear and friendly manner.

2. Creative Bent of Mind

Typically, clients know what kind of event they want to organize, but aren’t sure how to go about organizing it in a creative manner. This is when an event manager comes into the picture.

The client will obviously want maximum coverage for his event by the media, and the event manager will be required to devise striking, practical and affordable ideas to achieve that goal.

For the successful execution of these ideas and creating an impactful showcase event, he will need to have a robust network of public relations, marketing, advertising, and media professionals at his disposal.

3. Technology Wizard

An event manager juggles several activities at once, for which they need all the help they can get. Fortunately, there are event management software solutions and mobile apps available that may help to prioritize responsibilities and sort things out.

Whether it is the standard Microsoft Office suite or more sophisticated event management software and apps, a good event manager will know how to use these resources optimally.

4. Flexibility

When you collaborate with numerous people, things can go awry or change with a moment’s notice. Being rigid will not work in such cases.

Event managers need to be flexible and either move with the tide or change course swiftly. One of the biggest challenges faced by event managers is to create amazing experiences despite constant inconsistencies, and often, pandemonium.

5. Organizational Skills

An effective event manager is like a choreographer who directs various elements and weaves them together in harmonious symphony. This is what makes an event successful.

Outstanding organizational skills are the backbone of balancing and managing people, schedules, vendors and everything else that comes with being an event manager.

6. Eye for Detail

A good event manager is always on top of every detail that matters to the success of an event. He looks after all the important aspects, whether it is coordinating with other parties and speakers, or arranging audio-visual equipment, handouts and catering.

Further, he or she will keep a keen eye on expenditures. Most event managers work with a set budget and know that not all clients will be happy to loosen their purse strings because of overspending.

7. Leadership Skills

Great event managers possess impressive leadership skills with an inherent quality to lead people. Such skills are crucial to the success of the entire team. Only a good leader can guide a team towards achieving their common goal and make the event a roaring success.

8. Enthusiasm and Passion

Event management can be extremely demanding and can leave the team feeling drained, stressed and frustrated. An effective event manager can function as the energizer that the team needs to feel motivated to work long hours and even weekends, when required.

It is, therefore, necessary for an event manager to be enthusiastic and passionate about his work, and possess the zeal to overcome obstacles and deliver the goods. He needs to see the job through till the end and create an extraordinary experience for both clients and guests.

9. Time Management Skills

An event manager always has a lot to do. However, there may not always be enough time to accommodate everything.

A competent event manager knows how to make the best use of their time by multitasking. At the same time, they also allot slots of time in the day to focus solely on a particular project.

An event manager manages not only their own time, but the team’s time as well; Understanding that event management is all about planning and re-planning.

10. Impactful Persona

A proficient event manager knows how to make an impact in front of clients and guests. They are always well-dressed and groomed to perfection, knowing that first impressions are often the last, and that there is a reputation to maintain. He doesn’t take his appearance for granted.


Managing events can be tricky, but successful event managers know the ropes well and always manage to turn things around, if things don’t go according to plan. They’re spontaneous and well-prepared to deal with situations that can potentially get out of hand. Their ability to stay calm under pressure and be the voice of reason are attributes that make them great at what they do.

What other traits do you think are necessary to be a successful event manager? Leave your tips below for the event planners of tomorrow!


Brian-ZengBrian Zeng

Brian Zeng is the Chief Marketing Officer of OwnOnly, an online menswear boutique that provides custom-tailored business and casual suits. You can connect with him on twitter @brianzengdotme

4 Responses to “Top 10 Traits of a Successful Event Manager”

  1. Burt Silver

    My wife and I have been planning a very big party for our 25th anniversary. We want to hire an event planner to help us make our dream night a reality. I like that you mentioned that a great event planner should be enthusiastic and passionate about his work. We want somebody who cares about our event, so that is definitely something we will look for.

  2. Ivy Baker

    I am not the most creative person in the world. So, I liked that you talked about how you should hire an event manager who is creative. That does seem like it would help your event be more fun.

  3. Ivy Baker

    I liked that you talked about how a successful event planner will be really well organized. My sister is getting married later this year and she is thinking about hiring a professional to help her plan the event. It is good to know that a professional will help keep equipment for the wedding arrivals on time.

  4. Will Mason

    To get success in the professional field and in our concerned field. We must think innovative. So that we can easily achieve success in our life, in most of the cases in the professional field we need to implement our skills and strategies properly. To be a successful event manager, we need to follow the instruction present here in this above article. Thanks for highlighting the roles and works of an event manager and how can they get success in their concerned field.


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