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Top Blog Posts of 2016

This past year was a successful one for the etouches wethink blog. Not only did we cover a wide range of event industry topics and trends throughout 2016, but we were able to nearly double our unique visitors to 51,000+! We’re very proud to be a valuable  resource for event professionals around the world, and are excited to continue that role in the coming year.

Based on social media shares and unique page views, we’ve listed our top 10 blog posts from the past year below. Which post from 2016 was your favorite? Leave a comment below and tell us why!

*Total engagement is a combined total of shares from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, and the amount of unique visitors to the individual blog page.


#1 Are You Still Pre-Printing Badges?

By: Danny Stevens, March 21

Total Engagement: 2,026

While pre-printing name badges can be one of the biggest headaches an event planner encounters and is probably universally disliked, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the top 10 reasons to switch to live badging today!  Read it


#2 Upcoming Event Trends for 2016: An Expert Round Up

By: Daniel Johnson, April 25

Total Engagement: 1,367

While it’s true that some event planning trends have withstood the test of time, what’s popular today is not always going to be desired tomorrow. We’ve turned to some of the industry’s most well-respected experts in order to gain their insight on upcoming event industry trends to anticipate this year. Read it


#3 How to Communicate Effectively in Event Management

By: Daniel Johnson, June 21

Total Engagement: 1,092

Productivity is of the utmost importance when working in event management due to tight time constraints and deadlines. A few industry experts share tips of how to communicate efficiently and effectively that will definitely save you a few headaches for your next event. Read it


#4 Step Up Your Snapchat Game! How to Create a Geofilter for Your Next Event

By: Lauren Williams, July 21

Total Engagement: 925

Creating customized Geofilters is what event planners can take advantage of when building Snapchat for their audience. Check out these tips, tricks and things to keep in mind when considering a Snapchat Geofilter for your next event. Read it


#5 How to Plan an Innovative Corporate Event

By: Daniel Johnson, May 17

Total Engagement: 916

Successful corporate event planning may mean taking some well-established approaches and reinventing them with a more modern, innovative design. While technology is always going to be a backbone of any modern corporate event, you should avoid letting it be a crutch. Read it


#6 Fear of Acronym Fail (FAF)

By: Miranda Carter, April 18

Total Engagement: 765

All industries are overwhelmed with acronyms, but modern events industry professionals get slammed, because they sit right on the intersection of the corporate world’s two biggest acronym producers – marketing and technology. Here’s your map to navigating the unknown event industry acronym. Read it


#7 5 Ideas for Your Client’s Next Corporate Event

By: Daniel Johnson, March 7

Total Engagement: 747

Each new quarter brings with it the opportunity for a memorable corporate event that will refresh a company’s atmosphere and invigorate the people that work there. The reason for the event ranges from the introduction of new products or services to team building and attracting new clients. Read it


#8 5 Ways to Utilize iBeacons at Your Next Event

By: Lauren Williams, May 26

Total Engagement: 663

With event apps, push notifications and cashless payments, it’s no secret that mobile devices play a major role in successful events. Another way to utilize mobile is through lesser known devices called iBeacons. Read it


#9 Questions Answered: How to Turn Your Event Attendees Into Active Participants

By: Melissa Lombardi, February 17

Total Engagement: 656

In this webinar wrap up, Juraj Holub, marketing director at Slido, answers our audience’s most burning questions when it comes to getting your attendees involved during speaker sessions at events; from using engaging technology to keeping moderators on track. Read it


#10 5 Tips for a Successful First Site Inspection

By: Mike Mason, November 11

Total Engagement: 626

Site inspections are the last check before you make your final decision on a hotel for your meeting, event or conference. This step is important because, ultimately, only you know your attendees and what’s important to them. Read it

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