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5 Global Locations Event Profs Should Look Out For

Now more than ever, the global event planning industry has spread to other locations around the world. While larger cities such as London or New York have traditionally held the position of the go-to hosts for meetings, events and conferences, there are some new locations in some unexpected places that are contending for the title. It shows how our world is becoming more and more mobile and how it is now possible to work anywhere in the world. Here are five places you might consider for your next event: 

1. Tel Aviv, Israel 
Popular among tourists and those traveling on Birthright, it might seem as though Tel Aviv is too ancient city in order to please those traveling on business. However, Tel Aviv has continued to change over the last few years into a spot for hipsters and coffee lovers alike. Not only has it been transformed into a modern city, but it also offers a unique spot for those traveling for a meeting or for their company. Because of its growing reputation, the city has provided new services for travelers such as secretarial services and WiFi hotspots. Between the beautiful old city and the vibrant new amenities, you should be able to find a spot to impress anyone arriving for a meeting or for a conference.

2. Seoul, South Korea
While many professionals have opted for Tokyo as the place for business in Asia, there has been an increased interest in South Korea as a destination for business travelers. Seoul has seen a number of English teachers choose to travel there mostly to teach business English, and the city has taken care to highlight its strengths—fashion, art, and technology. Between the high-rise skyscrapers and transportation, Seoul has become the ultimate modern city. This also includes an influx of business hotels and delicious restaurants, attracting a number of companies to treat business partners to all the city has to offer. Expect to see more of this city in the future in the global events planning industry—it’s an incredibly international spot.

3. Toronto, Canada
You might think that Toronto would be too far removed and isolated in order to be a popular business travel destination, but you would be proven wrong. Toronto rates highly on Travel + Leisure’s Best Cities for Business list for a reason. Offering a city deeply involved in technology and providing a serene feel for its visitors, Toronto has facilities and hotels perfect for the global events industry. It’s also in a location where the majority of its citizens speak English—the universal language of business. Along with courteous Canadians and a chance to get away from the city and into the outdoors, Toronto has become the destination for those who want a big-city feel, but don’t want big city stresses.

4. Austin, Texas (US)
Austin has become the hipster haven where new start-ups have looked to hosting some world-class events. Its laid back atmosphere and delicious food spots make it one of the best places to host young people. With a number of different bars, steakhouses, and music venues, it’s no wonder that Austin’s population continues to grow and it serves as one of the most visitor-friendly locations to hold an event in Texas. There are also more and more facilities being built as Austin citizens recognize the appeal of their city from a global events industry perspective.

5. Prague, Czech Republic
This charming city has started to go global with its new business outlook. Delightfully maintaining the perfect balance of old-world feel and modern business centers, Prague is looking to the future and looking to bring a slew of new businesses and global events to the city center. Prague is also the perfect location to play and enjoy yourself while you are there on business. It’s one of the few cities in Europe where you can still get beer for a dollar or a delicious meal for a reasonable price. Expect to see Prague expending over the next few years to accommodate the number of people looking to enjoy their time and business there. 

As the world becomes more and more globalized, it’s no wonder that we are starting to see new locations featured as places for the global event industry to thrive. It also gives those involved in the industry to see more of the world—it never hurts to go to new places!

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