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Training Your Events Team on a New Platform

BE_BlogImage4-608x400-1.jpgCongratulations! You’ve just selected your organization’s new event software solution and you’re about to implement it across your events team. You may think the hard work is over, but in order to truly complete your successful migration, training your staff efficiently is of the utmost importance. If they have a solid grasp on how to fully utilize your new event management software (EMS), not only will they feel confident using it, but it will result in your events running smoothly right off the bat.


There are several ways to make the EMS training process effective and engaging. Depending on the size and scope of your migration, consider these tips for your organization.

Webinars and online demos
Have your staff get to know the basics through online training that can be done in their own time throughout the work week. Ask your provider about the number of live or recorded webinars, videos and demos, as well as other training materials that your team can take advantage of before your official migration.

In-person training

The larger the organization and/or the more robust the software package, in-person, multi-day training may be better suited for your EMS migration. Whether your provider’s experts come to you or your events team goes to them, if it’s in your budget, this option may be a better suited for more extensive solutions and packages, and for faster adoption.

Utilize template creation
If you mostly plan the same type of repeatable events, look into working with your provider to create a standard template from registration pages and websites, to marketing emails and surveys. If the details mostly stay the same, these templates not only make for easy staff training as these items can be setup by a push of a button, but it will allow them to focus on other more important event planning needs.

Finally, make sure there is ample time for effective training sessions before officially flipping the switch from one EMS to another. Again, depending on the size of team and the amount of EMS features you plan on utilizing, it could take a couple days or even a few weeks. Take the time to consult with your provider about the training options that are the most appropriate for your migration, as well as setting up a proper schedule that aligns well with your event calendar to minimize any disruption.

Bottom line, even if you select the greatest EMS on the market, your migration may fail if you don’t take the time to successfully train your staff. You want your migration to be a smooth one both internally and externally, and proper training is the key to a seamless transition winning support from key stakeholders and attendees alike.

To learn more about the event management software migration process, join us on Thursday, November 2 for our webinar with Smart Meetings, Breathe Easy: A Conversation on Simplifying Event Management Software Migrations. From kickoff, through custom integrations, sign off and training, join the etouches team and event managers from T.Rowe Price as they explain how to make the migration process as easy as possible. Register today! 

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