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    Partnering for Success

    In the event world, there are so many moving parts – products and services – that need to come together to produce a successful event experience; it is nearly impossible to do…

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    Maximize Your Event Exposure With Social Media

    Lisa Buyer, president and CEO of the Buyer Group, will lead a workshop on “How to Power Your Events Using Social Media” during the Workshop Series at BizBash Live:…

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    Happiness, Frito Pies & Table Seating Software

    Remember the anxiety you felt in middle school when it came time for lunch and you had to figure out where you were going to eat? I don’t know about you, but the fear of sitting…

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    Meetings in the Virtual Age – Google+ Hangouts

    Let’s face it: meeting and events are joining the digital age. Face-to-face interaction is always better than just a phone call, but is often cost-prohibitive for small…

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    10 Mobile Apps That Every Sales Professional Needs

    No longer are the days when sales people or account managers can use the excuse, I will be traveling or in meetings and will get back to you when I return to the office in a few…

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    4 Rules to Creating the Perfect Hashtag

    This post was written by Camilla Pecetto, Marketing Manager at evvnt.  Hashtags have become one of the most used tools on social media networks since they can easily drive…

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    10 Reasons It’s Hard to Change the Meetings Industry

    In the meetings industry, we are used to doing the same thing time and time again for each event. We return to the same venue, the same speakers and the same formats. We are used…

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    Event Planner WANTED!

    Everyone has heard this phrase a million times over by now, “the events industry is changing.” And it’s true, the industry is changing. There is a new generation of event…


    I Challenge You to be a Brand Advocate

    It’s often second nature to each and every one of us: we find something cool online and instinctively share it. Whether you know it or not, by doing this you are a brand advocate. Whether you share a blog, brand promotion, or just a cool item, you are acting as a brand advocate for the company or individual that produced it.


    Using Content Marketing Principles to Promote Your Event

    Content marketing isn’t anything new. But it can be a tricky challenge for event and conference businesses to really take advantage of content marketing to drive more registrations for their event and to open up conversations with potential sponsors. In this article I will share with you some tips on ways you can use content more effectively within your market.