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    How Mobile Apps Improve the Attendee Journey BEFORE an Event

    This post was written by Karra Barron from QuickMobile There are more than 1.8 million meetings and events in the U.S. and 5 million worldwide, but the average attendee will only…

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    Win Over Your Boss by Thinking Like a Salesman

    As a sales professional with a decade of efforts under my belt, I have come to the conclusion that many would-be buyers could benefit from some sales training. In the meetings and…

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    To Fear or Not to Fear – Networking Events

    At the end of your meeting with the big boss he tells you that you have to attend a networking event and mingle around! If you are a social person by nature and you find it easy…

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    Geo-Cloning Your Event

    This post was written by William Thomson, Head Honcho at Gallus Events The decision to take an event from your home market and replicate it in another country is a big one. When…

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    Traveling Tips for Event Professionals

    Many event professionals are constantly on the go – they plan meetings around the country (or around the world!) and when they aren’t on-site for a meeting, they are…

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    #IMEXpitch: Eventtech Discovery

    One of the top reasons that we attend conferences, conventions and especially trade shows is to explore new products and ideas. Keeping up with industry trends, finding new…

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    Is Email the Right Tool for Event Profs?

    This post was written by Gary Schwake of Virtual Event Bags The events industry is alive and well. In our digital-crazed world, people seek out quality opportunities to connect in…


    10 Key Tactics the Pros Use For Event Design

    Event planning conjures up a variety of impressions: excitement, expectation, creativity, opportunity, and not least of all, some degree of anxiety. Ranging from the complex and showy to the simple and straightforward, event organisers have several concerns to take into consideration. By following a few simple steps, both aspiring event planners and seasoned organisers alike can produce an occasion which is both successful and memorable.


    What to Measure from Your Post-Event Data

    One of the golden rules of business is to always strive for improvement and efficiency, because progress, in the end, is what drives any industry forward. Therefore being able to measure and understand data from events is what separates the big and successful event management companies in the industry from the amateurs and wannabes.