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  • Find the Best City for Your Next Global Meeting, 10 Jul 2017

    Deciding on a city to host a global meeting can be a challenging decision when everyone’s travel preferences differ. From choosing a fine hotel to deciding…

  • Breathing New Life Into Frequently Utilized Event Destinations, 21 Feb 2017

    By Lisa Paul I am often asked by clients when they should utilize a destination management company (a “DMC”) versus when they should manage things directly.…

  • Creating an Environment for Your Event, 19 May 2014

    Site selection can be one of the most time consuming aspects of meeting and event planning. It can take a lot of time to find a venue to that meets your needs, is in your budget and is available for your preferred dates. So it’s natural to feel a sense of accomplishment when we make it all come together – but honestly there’s so much more to do with the space to make it work for your event!